Pastor David Landers

Pastor and Mrs. David Landers

Pastor Landers and his wife, Judy, were both saved and baptized in the spring of 1975.

In January of 1976, Pastor Landers enrolled in the Tabernacle Baptist Bible Institute, where he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Church Administration in June, 1979. When Judy finished her nurse’s training in the spring of 1980, they began deputation in preparation for a church planting-ministry in Bolivia, South America.

After establishing two churches in Bolivia, Pastor Landers and Judy returned to the United States, where he served as a mission representative and later worked with Hispanics in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Since 1998, when Pastor Landers came to Gateway Baptist Church, the Lord has given continual increase to the church. The families of GBC have a desire to grow in their personal relationship with the Lord and to honor Him with their lives.